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Spotlight: The True Honey Company

We could not be more excited to highlight the progress of NZ businesses in the Middle East, and we were thrilled to learn a little from Jason Yank, Director of Global Sales at The True Honey Company.

The True Honey Company is fascinating, and produces the worlds purest and highest-grade Mānuka honey in NZ from hives that are often only accessible by helicopter. They have built a formidable business business in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia the current jewel, with well over +$15 million in annual sales, and Jason is leading an adjacent market strategy to succeed across the GCC. True Honey has found a sweet spot culturally, tapping into the Middle East’s love of honey, health, and quality.

Jason attended a Saudi business knowledge session being run by NZTE office in Riyadh and following a session led by Andrew Perrier, who is a Board member of NZMEBC and Group Business Development Director for the Almusbah Trading Group, a large Saudi family business with diverse businesses including airport retails stores, Jason reached out to Andrew. Andrew was more than happy to make the introductions to the right people with Almusbah airport retail team stores, which lead to Almusbah placing an initial order for True Honey and putting on the shelf in its new airside Jeddah Airport HNAK retail stores.

Great example of the NZMEBC supporting New Zealand companies who are looking to expand and succeed in the Middle East.

Randall Blackford



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