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Spreading our wings and re-connecting

Welcome to the March 2022 newsletter from the NZMEBC

In recent times, each time that I sat down to write this introduction I have been hopeful that in the next newsletter I can say that we will be able to be together kanohi ki te kanohi, face to face soon.

I am so pleased that now is the time that I can say this. We at the NZMEBC welcome the stories from members and contributors who have, or are about to, re-connect in region. We are sure that this activity alone will strengthen relationships and boost trade. Please also reach out to us for additional opportunities to connect while in region.

We are also planning a kanohi ki te kanohi, face to face networking and refreshments event in Auckland in May, after Ramadan to celebrate a return to in person meeting. Keep an eye out for updates on this.

This month we bring you an action packed newsletter with a new event on Tax in the UAE and a recap of recent Ministerial activity in region. Watch out for upcoming events sharing insights from this activity.

Expo 2020 in Dubai is again a focus in this newsletter. It is fulfilling its promise of being the biggest event in the region. NZTE and NZ@Expo2020 have hosted some great sessions that are highly regarded in the media. NZ Story also has a great Agritech recap. More details can be found below.

We have shared updates on our recent activities below and have also provided insights from Andrew Perrier, Emirates and provide our last Covid-19 tracker update.

More details can new found here.

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