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NZMEBC Tech Event with Alex Burke & Brad Whittfield

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The NZ-Middle East Business Council (NZMEBC) invites you to join us for a panel discussion on doing business as a technology company in the Middle East. Alex Burke (CEO of Education Perfect) and Brad Whittfield (Co-founder of Cashee and Group CFO of Mondia Group) will talk about how their respective businesses entered the growing Middle East technology market.

They will share what they wish they knew when they entered the market, what they do now, and offer some recommendations for technology-led and other businesses looking to get into the region. They will also talk about how the Middle East has played a part on the growth and success of their businesses among other global tech providers.

Alex and Brad will be joined by NZMEBC committee members Edwin Lim (Partner, Hudson Gavin Martin) and Andrew Perrier (Al Musbah Group) who have experience working with technology businesses in the Middle East.

Click here for the recording of the event.

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