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A time to be Active and Engaged

Welcome to the December 2021 newsletter from the NZMEBC.

The last few months have reinforced that engagement can happen when we are not able to actively meet kanohi ki te kanohi, face to face, just as well as when we can. This month we bring you an action packed newsletter with event recaps from the virtual world, and the real world. Our participants have joined us from across regions and sectors, and have engaged in insightful dialogue.

Expo 2020 in Dubai is a focus in this newsletter. It is fulfilling its promise of being the biggest event in the region this year. NZTE and NZ@Expo2020 have some great resources and sessions if you are intending to take advantage of this opportunity and NZ Story has a great global insights research paper to share. More details can be found below.

We have shared updates on our recent activities below and have also provided insights from MFAT, Andrew Perrier, Emirates and continued our Covid-19 vaccination tracker updates. We kick our newsletter off with a great member spotlight on Fonterra Co-operative Group.

More details can be found here

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