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  • Update on Iran – NZTE and MFAT Joint Briefing.
  • Reminder: Heads of Missions Breakfast , 25 May, 7.30 AM, PWC.
  • First ‘Cultural Insights’ Seminar, Wed 27 June, 10 AM – 12 Noon.

  • Update on Dubai 2020.
  • Prestigious Awards for Emirates.
    Special Benefits from Emirates for NZMEBC Members



Update on Iran – NZTE and MFAT Joint Briefing

NZTE and MFAT are joining together to provide NZMEBC members with an up-to-date briefing on Iran following the changes in US policy, and President Trump pulling out of the Iran Nuclear deal and reimposing sanctions on Iran.

Sadeq Hedayat, NZTE’s Country Manager for Iran, and Matt Hawkins, Unit Manager, Middle East and Africa Division of MFAT, will deliver a session to NZMEBC members exclusively.

This is a special briefing open to NZMEBC members only, but you may bring a guest on request.

The briefing will take place on Tuesday, 22 May, from 1.30 to 2.30 pm, at the Emirates Boardroom, Level 8, 45 Queen St, Auckland.

Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.


Reminder: Breakfast with Middle East Heads of Missions, 25 May, 7.30 AM, PWC

The NZMEBC is delighted to be able to offer members the opportunity to meet with the Heads of Missions of all Middle East-based NZ diplomatic posts on 25 May.

This will be an opportunity to meet personally with all six Ambassadors and hear about the latest developments across the region.

The Ambassadors in attendance will be:

  • Jeremy Clarke-Watson (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • Hamish McMaster (Tehran, Iran)
  • Bradley Sawden (Baghdad, Iraq)
  • James Munro (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
  • Wendy Hinton (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Barney Riley (Cairo, Egypt)

The breakfast meeting is being generously hosted by Hesketh Henry in their offices on Level 14, PWC Tower, 188 Quay St, Auckland.

Please RSVP to Wednesday 23 May if you wish to attend.


First ‘Cultural Insights’ Seminar, Wed 27 June, 10 AM – 12 Noon

Following requests from members, NZMEBC is hosting a series of ‘Cultural Insight’ seminars to assist companies and their employees to understand the cultural sensitivities and protocols that they will face in Middle East countries where they attempt to do business.

The seminars will be run by Anna Gailani, a prominent Cultural Adviser and Director of Mideast Modern, an immigration, translation and cultural consultancy agency.  Anna worked as a medical doctor prior to coming to New Zealand, then retrained here as a translator and interpreter, before qualifying as an immigration advisor.

Anna holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the Faculty of Language and Culture at AUT where she lectured on translation studies.  She is currently completing a law degree and providing cultural training on the Middle East to government agencies and private organisations.

The first seminar will take place on Wednesday 27 June, from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon, at the Emirates Boardroom, Level 8, 45 Queen St, Auckland. A casual lunch will follow the seminar.

A charge of $75/head plus GST will be invoiced for all attendances.

Please RSVP to Friday 15 June.


Update on Dubai 2020

NZMEBC members were updated on the latest developments on Dubai 2020 by Commissioner-General Clayton Kimpton at a recent meeting in Auckland.

With a theme of “Connecting minds and creating the future”, Mr Kimpton stressed that Dubai 2020 holds great opportunities for NZ companies.

The visuals of the NZ Pavilion and details of what it will provide  have been released and are now available here.

Mr Kimpton said that 25 million international visitors were expected to visit the Expo during the six months following the October 2020 opening.

Opportunities for NZ business are:

  1. The UAE procruement portal
  2. Supplier and procurement for NZ Paviliion will be managed through the GETS procurement portal
  3. Sponsorship is available at three levels – Prestige, Major and Supplier – inquiries to
  4. Business and Trade delegations will be managed through the Dubai 2020 office
  5. Corporate hosting and paviliion access  will be available for B2B meetings with restaurants and catering available
  6. There will be a booking system within the NZ Pavilion for events, product launches and trade shows, with priority given to official partners
  7. Expo live innovation grants

NZTE is expected to shortly announce a programme of roadshows to inform NZ businesses of further details of the Expo.


Prestigious Awards for Emirates

Emirates Airline has scooped a number of awards at the recent 2018 World Travel Awards for the Middle East.

Emirates was recognised as the Middle East’s 2018 Leading Airline, Airline Brand, Business Class Airport Lounge and Cabin Crew.



Special Benefits from Emirates for NZMEBC Members

Members are reminded that special flight concessions are available to members from Emirates, the Council’s major sponsor, for all NZMEBC members.

These rates may be accessed by contacting Annette Glass of Business World Travel, contact details for Annette are:

Phone: 09 529 3700


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