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  • Special Briefing for NZMEBC Members on Dubai 2020, Monday 30 April, 3.00 PM, NZTE Offices.
  • Breakfast with Middle East Heads of Missions, 25 May, 7.30 AM, PWC.

  • Dubai 2020 seen as springboard into fast-growing African markets
  • Emirates travelers taking full advantage of connectivity.
  • Special Benefits from Emirates for NZMEBC Members.



Special Briefing for NZMEBC Members on Dubai 2020, Monday 30 April, 3.00 PM, NZTE Offices

A special briefing on progress towards Dubai 2020 will be held for NZMEBC members on Monday 30 April from 3.00 to 4.00 pm at the NZTE Boardroom onLevel 6, 139 Quay St, Auckland.

Commissioner-General Clayton Kimpton and Head of Engagement and Communications,Nicola Garvey, will both be available at this time to brief NZMEBC members on progress with the NZ Pavilion and how the Dubai 2020 site is developing.

They will also be able to answer questions on the likely process for further services for the NZ Pavilion, following last month’s announcement of the appointment of the Design Team for New Zealand: 

This opportunity to meet with the Dubai 2020 team is offered FREE to NZMEBC members.

Register for the event HERE or RSVP


Breakfast with Middle East Heads of Missions, 25 May, 7.30 AM, PWC

The NZMEBC is delighted to be able to offer members the opportunity to meet with the Heads of Missions of all Middle East-based NZ diplomatic posts on 25 May.

This will be an opportunity to meet personally with all six Ambassadors and hear about the latest developments across the region.

The Ambassadors in attendance will be:

  • Jeremy Clarke-Watson (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • Hamish McMaster (Tehran, Iran)
  • Bradley Sawden (Baghdad, Iraq)
  • James Munro (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
  • Richard Mann (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Barney Riley (Cairo, Egypt)

The breakfast meeting is being generously hosted by Hesketh Henry in their offices on Level 14, PWC Tower, 188 Quay St, Auckland.

However numbers are limited so pleaseregister as soon as possible HERE or RSVP

A charge of $35/per head (GST inclusive) will be invoiced to you on receipt of your RSVP. This will cover the cost of your breakfast and includes a complimentary barista-made coffee.


Dubai 2020 seen as springboard into fast-growing African markets

The African continent is being viewed as a region of huge opportunity for countries and businesses investing in Dubai 2020, according to NZTE’s Trade Commissioner for the region, Haylon Smith.

Mr Smith was in NZ recently conducting workshops for NZTE customers seeking information about trading prospects on the continent.

While there are 54 different markets in Africa, and each has its own particular profile, throughout the region there are fast-growing young populations generating significant demand for consumer and industrial products, according to Mr Smith.   He noted that in Nigera for example, there are 2.5 million births every year, contributing to significant growth in consumer demand in a country that currently has 200 million people but is expected to have 400 million people by 2050.

NZ already sells extensive amounts of milk powder and butter to Africa, with the proximity to Europe a big advantage for countries in North Africa as they seek to develop broader trading relationships.

The advice Mr Smith gives to companies seeking to take advantage of this strong population growth is similar to other markets in the region: be persistent, find the right partner, develop personal relationships and be patient.


Emirates travelers taking full advantage of connectivity

As a sign of the times, over one million Wi-Fi connections were made on Emirates flights around the world during the month of March alone.   

Emirates customers are taking full advantage of the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity on 98% of all Emirates flights, including flights operating daily from Christchurch and Auckland to Dubai and beyond.

Emirates Skywards members enjoy special benefits including complimentary Wi-Fi when travelling in First Class and Business Class, resulting in 94% of those eligible choosing to connect.

Interestingly, 94% of those connections were made by smartphones, demonstrating the high demand that mobile phone users have for continued connectivity when they travel.

Last month Emirates celebrated 10 years of mobile phone use on board its planes, with the longest phone call during that time lasting 3 hours 50 minutes!  During the last ten years over 2.8 million mobile calls have been made from Emirates aircrafts, with 87 million SMS messages sent or received.

So much for not keeping in touch while you are travelling!


Special Benefits from Emirates for NZMEBC Members

Members are reminded that special flight concessions are available to members from Emirates, the Council’s major sponsor, for all NZMEBC members.

These rates may be accessed by contacting Annette Glass of Business World Travel, contact details for Annette are:

Phone: 09 529 3700


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