The Chairman of the NZMEBC, Stewart Germann, today expressed support for Muslim communities in New Zealand and labelled the Christchurch massacre as a “violation against humanity.”

“It is impossible for New Zealanders to understand how a mind can become so twisted that it can justify the taking of innocent lives,” he said.

The New Zealand Middle East Business Council promotes and facilitates cultural and economic contact, communication, trade, technology transfer, services and investment between New Zealand and the wider Middle East region.

“As a Business Council we promote constructive and mutually rewarding business relationships with a region where Islam is the dominant faith. Our principles and our activities are based on tolerance, acceptance of differences and working together to benefit our communities through trade and commercial partnerships.

“The extremist violence we have witnessed in Christchurch is completely foreign to all that New Zealand and its people stand for.

“We condemn this senseless act of violence and send our sincere condolences and prayers to the communities of Christchurch and all New Zealand Muslim communities that are suffering today,” Mr Germann said.

For further information please contact Stewart Germann, 021-2769898.