The Youth Advisory Council of the New Zealand Middle East Business Council (yNZMEBC) provides opportunities to engage and network with other young professionals who have an interest or connection with the Middle East.

Young people can deliver tremendous value to the New Zealand Middle East relationship. As a demographic we are tenacious, excellent networkers, technologically savvy and globally focused. We bring fresh ideas, diverse experiences and enthusiasm. With a willingness to learn and develop and to seek out opportunities, we are the perfect group to be involved in building New Zealand’s economic, social, and cultural relationships with the Middle East. Most countries in the Middle East region feature young population demographics with accompanying educational and employment aspirations; it is important that the NZ Middle East Business Council is able to provide a framework to communicate and build relationships with this significant cohort.

The objectives of the yNZMEBC are to:

  • Build strong youth networks to uphold and advance the objectives of the NZMEBC;
  • Bring together New Zealand young professionals and young leaders who have expressed an interest in the New Zealand Middle East relationship;
  • Develop a culture of youth engagement with the NZMEBC, providing a forum for networking and development; and
  • Future-proof and grow the membership of the NZMEBC and the New Zealand Middle East relationship.


Being a part of the yNZMEBC means you will be at the forefront of developing the New Zealand Middle East relationship. You will attend a range of events with other young professionals and entrepreneurs who share an interest in the Middle East, such as breakfasts and ‘after five’ networking functions, as well as being exposed to thought- leading speakers.
You will have the chance to deepen social and cultural links with the Middle East through opportunities to be involved in overseas delegations and study trips.
With the yNZMEBC being a part of the wider Council you will also be able to attend and participate in all Council events and opportunities.
If you are interested in joining the Youth Advisory Council please use the registration form below. Membership fee is an annual $50 (incl GST) or $25 (incl GST) for tertiary students which includes free entry to a variety of yNZMEBC’s upcoming events.