The New Zealand-Middle East Business Council promotes and facilitates cultural and economic contact, communication, trade, technology transfer, services and investment between New Zealand and the wider Middle East region.


  • To promote contact and communication between business people in New Zealand and the greater Middle East region.
  • To facilitate an increase in bilateral trade, technology transfer, services and investment between the Middle East region and New Zealand.
  • To be the catalyst for Middle East overseas businesses interested in operating in New Zealand as well as becoming the vehicle for discussing and negotiating business matters concerning the Middle East with the New Zealand Government.
  • To act as a clearinghouse for information on trade and investment opportunities (both for inward investment to New Zealand from the Middle East and to expand New Zealand business in the region).
  • To broaden opportunities for New Zealand companies and organisations doing business with the Middle East.
  • To provide a forum for ideas, opportunities and personal contacts that will encourage a greater exchange of trade, commerce, industry, investment, cultural contact and education between the Middle East and New Zealand.
  • To foster a better understanding and appreciation between the business and social communities of New Zealand and the greater Middle East region.
  • To inform members of decisions, activities and trends in the Middle East of potential significance to trade and commerce.
  • Hosting events and functions with subject matter experts,
  • Working with government agencies, trade and industry organisations and politicians to develop business and trade opportunities for our members,
  • Promoting the development of strong trade and cultural relationships with Middle East based contacts,
  • Participating in trade missions/trade fairs in the Middle East region and assisting with hosting delegations from the Middle East region to New Zealand, and
  • Having positive relationships with Middle East Governments and government agencies.